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Puerto Rico Sailing School is operating now from Puerto del Rey Marina the largest and most modern marina in the Caribbean.  Located at the east coast of Puerto Rico at Fajardo.

Also our strategic location is surrounded by many touristic attractions and sightseeing places with walking distances hotels, inns & Air BnB from the comfortable to the luxury. For suggestions please do not hesitate on asking us.


We are the only ASA affiliate school dedicated just to teaching sailing, and with an ASA 2013 Outstanding Instructor as your captain and instructor you can let our expertise be your confidence.


By choosing us and the warm Caribbean waters we call home you are assured of dedicated instruction, expert knowledge of all aspects of sailing and the Caribbean. So that whether you are beginning, improving or advanced we want to work with you to get you to the next level of your sailing odyssey.


Balaju, the boat we adquire after hurricane Maria is a 2008 Beneteau First, 10R (33').  A modern racer/cruiser fast, stable and responsive.  Balaju is a great boat to teach all levels of sailing.


We would encourage you to bring swimming and snorkeling gear, there will be time every day to jump in the waters that are blissfully warm all year around and meet the dazzling array of sea life. We are so passionate about every aspect of the sailing experience and nothing pleases us more than to be able to share this love with our students.

Interested in a sailing classes?


Puerto Rico Sailing School is an affiliate school to American Sailing Association. The American Sailing Association is the world's foremost organization dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts. When you join the American Sailing Association, or work with an ASA certified sailing school, you learn how to sail from professionals to get the most rigorous, safety-first education and the best sailing instruction available.

ASA affiliated sailing schools now graduate and certify thousands of new sailors annually - sailors who learn faster, learn more and have more fun sailing in more new places. They choose ASA schools because they want to follow a proven curriculum in a professional, supportive learning environment under the direction of certified sailing instructors. The American Sailing Association can assure you of the same quality sailing education when you attend our certification facilities.

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