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“A while back, I finally decided to make the phone call that I had postponed for more than 15 years.  The call led me to one of the most professional and noble man I have ever met; a giant in the sport of sailing... a sage in the art of education.


Throughout my life, I have attended numerous courses, undertake many educational activities, and come across people posing as
leaders.  However, never before did I witness the concurrence of experience, humility, knowledge, and the passion to serve others as you, my now-friend Cpt. José Sánchez.

For months I cautiously analyzed your teaching techniques, priorities, and decisions.  I have seen your availability to extend your hands to help, you have always been there, available to share your knowledge without reservations.  

Puerto Rico could have been much different with more people like you.  I regret not meeting you 15 years earlier. During that time I missed a great instructor and leader, and above all, an excellent human being.  

And all of that, due to a single call!”

- Juan Carlos Santiago
Test 1


-Cheryl Coons Cornelius

Completed my 2nd of three ASA 101 classes on Saturday.  What a great time.  Here's our Captain Jose.  I was at the helm for a good bit.  It is so 

encouraging for him to be so vocal in his assessments of how his students are doing while learning and handling the boat.  Coming back into the

marina he looked at me and said he wanted me behind the helm to motor in and ease the boat into the slip.  I was terrified!!!  I stepped up though

and I have to say I DID IT!!! 


Without a hitch.....slow.....steady!  Thankfully Capt. Jose controlled the speed so together we got the boat in perfectly.  What a pleasure learning under

Captain Jose.  Learning on the beautiful Caribbean makes the experience even that more special.  Finishing up class 3 and then on to 103 in the near future.



Test 2


Steve and I had an amazing time achieving our ASA 101 and 103.... and other bits of wisdom.....with Captain Jose.  He is so calm and relaxed while he is teaching.  His voice will be forever in my head while I am sailing, ahaa!  Love you Jose thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful experience.

-  Barbara Renwick
Test 3
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